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Aga Khan Medical College Karachi Pakistan Courses

Induction for 4 Year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN), 2 Years Post-RM Bachelor of Science in Midwifery(BScM)

  • Admission Start from 07 April
  • Last Date of Application Submission 30 May
  • Early Bird Registration is From 07-May to 30 May
  • Application for Entrance will be received in between 16-May to 30 May
  • Get Admission Form and pay Rs 4,800 07 April to 15 May
  • Get Admission Form and pay Rs 7,200 after 16 May to 30 May

Download Admission Form for BScN

Download Admission Form for Post RN 

Download Admission Form Post RM BScM

Induction for 5 Years MBBS and 2 Year Diploma in Dental Hygiene

  • Entrance Start from 07 April
  • Last Date of Application Submission 30 May
  • Early Bird Registration is From 07-May to 30 May
  • Application for Entrance will be received in between 16-May to 30 May
  • Get Admission Form and pay Rs 7,200

Download Admission Form

Important Admission Date for Advanced Diploma in Education in Institute of Educatioin Development

  • Last Date of Form Submission 15-05-2014

Download Admission Form

Important Admission Date for Post-RM Bachelor of Science in Midwifery BScM

  • Last Date of Form Submission 15-05-2014

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Important Admission Date for Standalone/ Individual Study Courses

  • Last Date of Form Submission 28-03-2014
  • Course Fee is Rs 29,500
  • Duration from 05-04-2014 to 30-06-2014

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Every year about HUNDRED students are admitted to the undergraduate medicine programme at college.

The programme is taught in Karachi, Pakistan and the language of instruction is English. Admission is based on individual merit and leadership possibilities, with no discrimination for sexuality, religion or ethnicity. Candidates are examined on several criteria which include scholastic accomplishments, extracurricular triumphs, participation in social work, and effective use of time. Students may apply from anywhere you want to in the world and there are no quotas, reserved seats or admissions against contributions.

Expertise over the years has shown that competitors for admission is powerful. Students are suggested to apply to other institutions and also college, since the end result of the selection procedure is complicated to predict at any phase.

School of Nursing Master of Arts in Muslim Cultures

  • Institute-ISMC provides a 2-year, full-time MA in Muslim Cultures from AKU’s London campus.
  • This distinctive degree provides a unique way of comprehending Muslim cultures in all of their geographical, linguistic, cultural and ethnic diversity.
  • By incorporating programs from a range of disciplines within the humanities and social sciences students are able to study the cultural and rational history within which spiritual ideas and procedures have meaning.
  • Through this approach, cultural manifestations such as art, poetry and architecture are examined alongside doctrine, law and religious practice.
  • The MA Programme attempts to provide students with the competencies to place Muslim cultures within their historical contexts, enabling them to adequately understand contemporary Muslims societies.

Institute For Educational Development Medicine

Graduate medical programmes at institute prepare you for challenging and gratifying careers in research, teaching and specialized clinical practice.

The Master’s and PhD programmes in East Africa and Pakistan cater to the examine of specific regional health care difficulties and our progressive training methods foster healthcare leaders for the location. Find out more about the admissions procedure and accessible financial counselling here.

Nursing and Midwifery

  • Nurses make a difference to any healthcare system.
  • College nursing programmes foster healthcare leaders in health care institutions and communities in the developing world.
  • We provide an foreign quality of nursing education in several accommodating formats – whether you are functioning as a Registered Nurse and want to upgrade your ability or are ready to observe a PhD.

Professional & Continuing Education

  • Long term learning is essential for any leader today.
  • At AKU Pakistan we know you require to stay informed of the latest in academics research and new knowledge.
  • Our continuous education programme educational development , nursing and Muslim cultures are developed to help you progress your education and enhance your knowledge in areas distinct to the developing world without giving your job.Aga Khan Medical College Karachi

Fee Structure

Download Complete Fee of All Programs

Registrar’s Office

The staff in the Registrar’s Office assists the AKU neighbourhood in all academics programmes throughout all of the University’s campuses: Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and the UK. We are accountable for:

  • Student recruitment / outreach and admissions;
  • The strength of student academic records
  • Preservation of the University’s database of student program registrations, grades and academic progression;
  • Issuing transcripts;
  • The University’s convocation events, including the arrangement of diploma and degree parchments;
  • Offering secretariat support to the University’s academic committees;
  • Encouraging members of the University community in the decryption of restrictions; and
  • AKU academic quality assurance.

If you have any questions related to the services we provide, contact the Aga Khan University (AKU) Registrar at registrar@aku. edu. AKUis ranked in top Pakistan Medical Colleges.

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