Introduction, Aga Khan University Karachi 2017:

How to Apply?

Applications for entrance in Aga Khan University Karachi are approved for the 1st year MBBS class only. These will be approved on February 4, 2011. Applications obtained after the ending date will not be refined.

Aga Khan University Karachi

Aga Khan University Karachi Pakistan

Details on entrance and application content may be down loaded from the AKU or obtained from specific branches of Soneri Bank in Pakistan. Moreover, the Medical College application package [application form, sample test paper, brochure and the admit card costs Rs. 200 in Pakistan]. This may be attained from the Entrance Office by cash payment in person. If expected by post in Pakistan and abroad, I highly recommend you send to the section on a method of payment below.

Important 2016 Admission Date for MBBS, Diploma in Dental Hygiene, BScn and MScN Nursing

  • Last Date of Form Submission June 10
  • Application Processing Fee is Rs 5,500 in Pakistan and US $250 For overseas applicants.

Nursing and Midwifery/ Institute For the study of Muslim civilisations:

If you fascinated in being a nurse, the university presents several programmes ranging from diploma programme me to undergraduate bachelor degrees.

In East Africa, the Advanced Nursing Studies programme presents a BScN degree and an RN to EN Conversion process Diploma Programme in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.


  • A graduate education at university opens opportunities to alternatives.
  • If you are sensitive to creating a change in the lives of those that require it most, institute Pakistan graduate programmes can help you convert your suggestions into truth.
  • Our graduate research programmes specialise in resolving the problems of the developing world. Our students come to be resistant leaders helping communities to strengthen their quality of lifetime.

Educational Development:

At Aga Khan University Karachi, we believe there is a clear link between improving the quality of teacher education and encouraging socio-economic growth in the developing world.

With institutes in Pakistan and East Africa, we offer teachers and education administrators the skills and possibilities they require to educate future leaders through human resource progress, institutional ability building, policy analysis and research.

We own up students to our Master’s and Ph.D. graduate programmes through a merit-based, translucent process and present generous economical aid for those in require.

Contact Us:

  • Consulting Clinic 1 (CC1) 3486 1002 or 3493 0051 Ext. 1002, 1059

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