Australian Maritime College

Australian Maritime College

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The Australian Maritime College (AMC) is a tertiary education and learning institution structured in Launceston, Tasmania and is an institute of the University of Tasmania. Australian Maritime College is Australia’s national heart for historic education, education and research. It has 2 campuses positioned within 50 kilometres (31 mi) of each and every other in Northern Tasmania, each with distinct conveniences and dwelling.

Australian Maritime College Centres

Australian Maritime College consists 3 national centres that provide programs in maritime engineering, marine environment, maritime logistics and seafaring. The national centres are:

  • The National Centre for Maritime Engineering and Hydrodynamics
  • The National Centre for Ports and Shipping
  • The National Centre for Marine Environment and Resource Sustainability

Australian Maritime College Admissions

The University of Tasmania uses eStudentCentre, our online student current administration site for students to self-manage their enrolment.

All students are liable to be sure their enrolment is accurate previous to the unit census date and any alterations are demonstrated in their eStudentCentre account.

The details on this web-site will aid you to finished your enrolment and assistance you in retaining an specific student record.

Academic gowns for AMC students (except doctoral students) will be handled through AMC. They can be gathered from the AMC Swanson building in between 9am and 4pm on Friday 17 August. After the ceremony, gowns are to be arrived to AMC staff at the AMC stand at the Hotel Grand Chancellor. All regalia is to be returned by 1. 30 pm (i. e. roughly 90 minutes after the close up of the ceremony).
Total Hire cost $165 ($115 + $50 refundable deposit) which includes:

  • Gown (Diplomate, Bachelor or Master) – $50
  • Hood (Bachelor, Master) or stole (Diplomate) – $30
  • Mortarboard (Diplomate, Bachelor, Master) – $35
  • Refundable deposit (cash only) – $50.

    Australian Maritime College Admission

    Australian Maritime College Admission

Australian Maritime College Scholarships

The University of Tasmania Scholarships Program offers students with essential economic and academics assist to study at the University of Tasmania. Honours are available in a huge range of exercises and assortment is established on academics merit and/or financial require. They are accessible to students learning at undergraduate, honours, and postgraduate coursework levels.

Offering the training that could one day signify the distinction in between life and death.

  • National Hydrodynamics Research Centre
  • Put your thoughts to the test and discover from the greatest in world-class amenities that are also used by industry management and support organisations.

Marine Atmosphere Conveniences

Tackle the essential difficulties presented by modern global issues like climate change, food security, ecosystem preservation and animal health.

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Founded: 1980

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