Doctor of medicine is a degree for physicians and surgeons. Some countries have this as a professional degree after obtaining 90 to 120 credit hours of university level work. In Pakistan it is known as MBBS (bachelors of medicine and bachelor of surgery). It is a basic medical degree awarded after 5 years of study. First 2 years contains the study of basic science subjects whereas the remaining 3 years comprises clinical internships and medicine surgery courses.

Doctor of MBBS Courses

Degree Duration of Medicine Course in Pakistan

During initial 2 years the students read the subjects of basic science that includes biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, along with emphasis particularly on human anatomy. After three years of clinical internships and courses of surgery, the student needs to work 1 year under the supervision of a professor to be awarded with degree and license to practice. In this way the total duration of MBBS degree becomes 6 years.

For specialization the candidate needs to pass out a FCPS (Fellow of college of physician and surgery) exam-1, in the field he or she wants to be specialized and perform internship of 3 to 6 years in respective field. After completing internship one needs to take the exam-2 of FCPS that includes practical exams. After completing these all exams successfully the candidate is awarded by the relevant specialty field.

Respective Council:

The council that takes all policy decisions and look after the matters related to medical colleges and degree is Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. The meetings of the council are charge by the president of the council. During the absence of president vice president are to be considered as to take charge of the meetings.

Doctor of Medicine Course In Pakistan

Universities Offering MBBS degree:

In Pakistan there are about 28 universities that are offering degrees in medical and dental fields. These are recognized by HEC as well as PMDC. These universities also offer affiliations to others colleges and DAI’s (Degree awarding Institutes). About 90 medical universities, colleges and DAI’s are listed in international directory of medical colleges by FAIMER.Degree of medicine and surgery are offered by many universities, colleges and DAI’s. These are recognized by PMDC which is the council that deals all matters related to medical institutes and degree. The council is also responsible to verify international medical degrees.

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In Pakistan doctor of medicine degree is known as MBBS (bachelors of medicine and bachelors of surgery). It is about 5 to 6 years degree and after that student need an authority license from the PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council) to start his or her practice as a doctor.

Doctor Of Medicine Course In Pakistan
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