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FU Islamabad commenced with an outstanding benefits in that, thank you to the selfless, ceaseless and ingenious efforts of the Foundation FU Islamabad it inherited 4 1st rate computer science institutes positioned at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar, in commodious buildings and renowned settings. You have easily get access to Fast University Lahore

Important 2014 Admission Date for BBA, BS, MBA, MS and PhD

  • Admission Start from 9th June
  • Last Date of Form Submission 30th June
  • Admission Test will be held on 1st July to 7th July
  • Display of Merit List of Selected Applicants 19th July for BBA, BS and 12th July for MBA, MS, Ph.D
  • Interviews for MBA, MS and PhD held from 15 July to 17 July
  • Admission Formalities for BBA & BS is from 21 July to 24 July and 28 July to 30 July for MBA, MS and Ph.D

Undergraduate Programs:

  • BBA
  • BS(A&F) New!
  • BS(CV)
  • BS(CS)
  • BS(EE)
  • MS(CN) New!
  • MS(SPM)
  • MS(MATH)
  • Phd

Graduate Programs:

  • MBA (1 ½ – Year)
  • MBA (2 ½ – Year)
  • MBA (3 ½ – Year)
  • MS(CS)
  • MS(EE)


Attendance Requirement:

Students are essential to enroll ALL lectures, labs, tutorials, seminars and conversations as given by the course instructor. On the other hand, an absence of maximum of 20% of the full lecture work may be condoned for legitimate reasons, such as illness etc. Failing to fulfill work conditions will render the student ineligible for showing up in the final exam of the involved course.

Medium of Instruction:

The medium of teaching and exams for all courses is English (apart from language courses where it may be distinct). On the other hand, students may opt to reply the ‘Religious and Islamic Studies’ exam in either English or Urdu.

Dean’s List of Honours:

A student is positioned on the Dean’s list, if his/her SGPA compatible or meets 3. 50 at the end of a semester. Such a scholar obtains a Certificate and his/her name is also positioned on the FU Islamabad webpage. Only those students are listed in this list if they have finished the semester with typical course load approved in the study plan.

Rector’s List of Honours:

A student is inserted on the Rector’s list, if his/her SGPA is 4. 00 at the end of a semester. Such a student obtains a Certificate and his/her name is also inserted on the University’s web page. Only those students are involved in this list if they have finished the semester with usual course load approved in the study prepare.

Semester Course Load:

Undergraduate students are envisioned to enroll for 5 courses (15 to 18 credit hours). The usual course load for graduate students is 3 to 4 courses (9 to 12 credit hours). The Head of Department may alter the course load always keeping in perspective the accessibility of courses and student’s academic operation.
Students under academic caution must enroll for all such courses in which they have unsuccessful. They could then enroll for courses in which the points attained are less than the minimum points essential to prevent caution.


Contact Us:

  • Address: Islamabad Campus
  • A.K. Brohi Road, H-11/4
  • Tel: 111 128 128 or (051) 831 4100-29
  • Fax: (051) 410 0619

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