Introduction, Get CSS International Relation Notes 2017:

The IR is an interesting subject and covers a broad range of topics when it comes to preparation then get CSS International Relation Notes. IR is all about relationships of one country to another. It is pertinent to mention here that if you have picked political science as an optional subject and international relation along with it, then you will get lots of help in the preparation because both are inter-linked with one another. It is another field of political science and consists of disciplines such as social sciences and humanities.

What is International Relation?

It is a unique field of study that emerges as the formal education in the academic affairs of the school. IR are about the practices adopted by the world economies to maintain their relationships with the neighboring countries. The goal of the international relationship is to make health contact with the countries in trade, social welfare, global assistance and other fields of the life. There are two core concepts of international relations including realism and liberalism. It involves international agencies like United Nations, World Bank, and International Monetary Funds. IR study foreign policies, conflict of interest, war, nuclear proliferation and terrorism.

Get CSS International Relation Notes Importance:

IR has an active role in the development of the country, and it also links other fields such as politics and current affairs with the subject. Picking international relations with other topics doesn’t only help in the preparation of the topic but also other enhances your general knowledge to attempt other CSS papers as well. Students can try multiple choice questions and short descriptive questions with the international paper. International relation paper also helps the students to prepare for the interview and oral test that is also important to qualify for the CSS exams.

What to Do with Degree?

IR is very vast subject, and students need to study it deeply to attempt for the CSS exams. However, if you have a professional degree in international relations then you likely to get an edge while trying to prepare for the CSS exams. Getting a formal education in International Relations will help you in understanding the subject and will prove as the foundation to study this issue.

How to Select Subjects for CSS Exam:


Get CSS International Relation Notes for Competitive Exams

The IR for competitive examination requires a different technique for preparation. It is distinct from the theoretical paper and consists of multiple choice questions along with short descriptive questions. Students have to prepare themselves for both of the parts to qualify the exams with high scores. It has a significant relation to foreign policy, trade, and economy and involves techniques to help the government maintain their relationship in a better way.


There are several branches of IR and broad categories include:

  • Law
  • Economics
  • Political System and International Relations
  • Development Studies
  • Diplomacy & Leadership
  • Social Studies

How Can We Prepare IR For CSS Exams?

The IR is a dynamic subject and includes a broad range of social, political and global issues. The role of economy, military development, global impact on a country and relations with the neighbors are part of the international relations. Students should read recommended books, watch news headlines to be updated with the events happening around the world and discuss issues in a group to get different views of the subject. Read historical events because most of the time applicants are asked questions about the history.

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IR Past Papers:

  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013
  • 2012
  • 2011
  • 2010
  • 2009


Most of the IR questions relates to ongoing developments and issues in a country or the world, so preparing all the topics is necessary to pass the exams. You can get CSS IR notes for preparation from the internet as many websites help students to prepare for the exams.

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