Lahore International Expo Centre

Lahore International Expo Centre

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Lahore International Expo Centre

Lahore International Expo Centre

About Lahore International Expo Centre

Lahore International Expo Centre  (Pvt) Constrained is often a management and business entire body along run because of the Govt connected with Pakistan in addition to Govt in the Punjab which has a require to be able to design and style, acquire, run in addition to encourage any state-of-the-art Lahore International Expo Centre  Foreign Expo Middle. That Middle is actually offering any system connected with foreign ordinary towards producers, exporters, dealers in addition to company companies to be able to efficiently propose in addition to marketplace its products via deal displays, gatherings in addition to management meetings.

Lahore International Expo Centre Global Expo Middle is often a function designed service for any subsequent kind of situations:

  • Trade Exhibitions
  • Consumer Fairs
  • Seminars, Conferences & Conventions
  • Convocations
  • Workshops & Trainings
  • Corporate Events
  • Cultural Carnivals

Expo Centre Exhibiton Halls

Length of Halls: 100.00M

Width of Halls: 52.00M

Total Height of Halls: 23.00M

Total exhibition area available: 4000 m2 App. (Ground Floor)

Workable Area for Stalls: 2250 m2

Clearance height of longitudinal wall: 4.1m App

Clear height of hall girder supports: 13.70m

Hall floor covering: Concrete Flooring

Permissible vertical load: There are ten rafters 9m apart and on each rafter there are seven suspension points. Thepermissible vertical load on each point is 40 kg.

Cargo Gates: Quantity: 02
Main Cargo: 7.62H x 4.45W (in meters)
Mini Cargo : 4.1H x 3.0W (in meters)

Visitors Gates: Quantity: 03
Dimension of each gate:
2.14H x 8.0W (in meters)

Climate Technology: Summer Dry Bulb: 23.5o C-25.5C
Summer RH Bulb: 50%-60%
Winter Dry Bulb: 22.5o-23.5oC
Winter RH: 20-30 %

Utilities Available
on each Stall:
Pneumatic Air

Systems Available
in the Halls:
Heating, Ventilation & Air Condition System
Full power backup System
Fire Security System
Public Address System

Services Available
in the Halls:
Cleaning Services
Security Services
Fire Security

Facilities Available
in the Halls:
04 Meeting Rooms at Mezzanine Floor
02 Conference Room at Mezzanine Floor
Cafeteria at Mezzanine Floor
Coffee Shop at Mezzanine Floor
First Aid Room at Mezzanine Floor
At ground floor:
For Gents: 8
For Ladies: 6
At Mezzanine floor:
For Gents: 9
For Ladies: 3

Facility for Event Organizers: Backup Office available with:

Centre Up Coming Events 2018

(New dates are up comping)

SRNO. Organization Name Event Name From Date To Date
1 Kohsaar Communications The Wedding Expo 28-01-2018 28-01-2018
2 Future Biz (Pvt.) Ltd. Pakistan Mathlete Competition 30-01-2018 30-01-2018
3 Expo Lahore (Pvt.) Ltd. ACTEPR-2012 03-02-2018 05-02-2018
4 Lahore International Book Fair Trust Lahore International Book Fair-2012 03-02-2018 07-02-2018
5 DAWN Media Group DAWN Agri Expo-2012 17-02-2018 19-02-2018
6 Pegasus Consultancy (Pvt.) Ltd. MEGATECH-2012 01-03-2018 03-03-2018
7 FAKT Exhibitions (Pvt.) Ltd. Build Pakistan-2012 10-03-2018 12-03-2018
8 Soil and Water Testing Laboratory for Research 14th Soil Science Congress 12-03-2018 14-03-2018
9 FAKT Exhibitions (Pvt.) Ltd. 3P-Plas Print Pack Pakistan 2012 17-03-2018 19-03-2018
10 FAKT Exhibitions (Pvt.) Ltd. F+T Pakistan 2012- Food, Equipment & Technology Exhibition & Conference 17-03-2018 19-03-2018
11 Cherry (Pvt.) Ltd. Travel & Tourism Expo-2012 23-03-2018 25-03-2018
12 Cherry (Pvt.) Ltd. Family Shopping Expo-2012 23-03-2018 25-03-2018
13 4th Dimension (Pvt.) Ltd. Engineering & Technology Exhibition-2012 31-03-2018 02-04-2018
14 FAKT Exhibitions (Pvt.) Ltd. IITEC Pakistan 2012- IT & Telecom Exhibition & Conference 07-04-2018 09-04-2018
15 3rd Education IT Fair-2012 19-05-2018 20-05-2018
16 Pegasus Consultancy (Pvt.) Ltd. PLASTIPAC & IFTECH-2012 06-09-2018 08-09-2018
17 FAKT Exhibitions (Pvt.) Ltd. Safety & Security Pakistan 2012 18-09-2018 20-09-2018
18 FAKT Exhibitions (Pvt.) Ltd. EGO Pakistan 2012- Energy, Gas, Oil & Power Exhibition & Conference 18-09-2018 20-09-2018


Lahore International Expo Centre Auditor

M/s. Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder & co.
Chartered Accountants
Mall View Building,4-Bank Square,Lahore.


 Lahore International Expo Centre Lahore International Expo Centre General Information






About Pakistan

Official Name: Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Father of the Nation : Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (1876-1948)

National Poet : Allama Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938)

Capital: Islamabad

Area :
Total: 803, 940
Punjab: 205,344
Sindh: 140,914 Sq. km
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: 74,521
Balochistan: 347,190
Federally Administered Tribal Areas: 27,220
Islamabad (Capital): 906

Population: 180.8 million (UN, 2009)

Administrative Setup : Pakistan is divided into four provinces viz., Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (KPK), Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan. The tribal belt adjoining KPK is managed by the Federal Government and is named FATA i.e., Federally Administered Tribal Areas. Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas have their own respective political and administrative machinery, yet certain of their subjects are taken care of by the Federal Government through the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas. Provinces of Pakistan are further divided into Divisions and Districts.
Divisions Districts

KPK 7 24

Punjab 8 34

Sindh 5 21

Balochistan 6 22

While FATA consist of 13 Areas/Agencies and Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas have 7 and 5 Districts respectively.

Religion: 97% Muslims, (77 % Sunni, 20% Shi’a) Christian Hindu 3%

Annual Per capita income : US $980 (World Bank, 2008).

GDP: 7.5%

Internet Domain: pk

Currency: Pak. Rupee

Imports : Industrial equipment, chemicals, vehicles, steel, iron ore, petroleum, edible oil, pulses, tea.

Exports : Cotton, textile goods, rice, leather items, carpets, sports goods, handi-crafts, fish and fish prep and fruit.

Languages : Urdu(National) and English (Official)

Literacy rate : 54%
Government: Parliamentary form

Parliament: Parliament consists of two Houses i.e., the Senate (Upper House) and the National Assembly (Lower House).
The Senate is a permanent legislative body and symbolises a process of continuity in the National Affairs. It consists of 100 members. The four Provincial Assemblies, Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Federal Capital form its electoral college.The National Assembly has a total membership of 342 elected through adult suffrage (272 general seats, 60 women seats and 10 non-Muslim seats).

Pakistan National Flag : Dark green with a white vertical bar, a white crescent and a five-pointed star in the middle. The Flag symbolizes Pakistan’s profound commitment to Islam, the Islamic world and the rights of religious minorities.

National Anthem: Approved in August, 1954
Verses Composed by: Abdul Asar Hafeez Jullundhri
Tune Composed by: Ahmed G. Chagla
Duration: 80 seconds

State Emblem: The State Emblem consists of:

  1. The crescent and star which are symbols of Islam
  2. The shield in the centre shows four major crops
  3. Wreath surrounding the shield represents cultural heritage and
  4. Scroll contains Quaid’s motto: Unity Faith, Discipline

Pakistan’s Official Map: Drawn by Mian Mahmood Alam Suhrawardy (1920-1999)

National Flower : Jasmine

National Tree : Deodar (Cedrus Deodara)

National Animal: Markhor

National Bird: Chakor (Red-legged partridge)

Flora: Pine, Oak, Poplar, Deodar, Maple, Mulberry

Fauna: The Pheasant, Leopard, Deer, Ibex, Chinkara, Black buck, Neelgai, Markhor, Marco-Polo sheep, Green turtles, River & Sea fish, Crocodile, Waterfowls.

Popular games: Cricket, Hockey, Football, Squash

Tourist’s resorts: Murree, Quetta, Hunza, Ziarat, Swat, Kaghan, Chitral and Gilgit

Archaeological sites: Moenjo Daro, Harappa, Taxila, Kot Diji, Mehr Garh, Takht Bhai

Lahore International Expo Centre Event Services

Lahore International Expo Centre Allied Services Lahore International Expo Centre

  • Electricity
  • Power Backup
  • Public Address System
  • Public Information Display System
  • Internet-WiFi
  • Operational Cafeteria
  • Security
  • Cleaning after built up

Lahore International Expo Centre Optional Services

  • Shell Scheme Stalls
  • Stall Furniture
  • Flex & Sign Boards
  • Shields, Monument & Give Aways
  • Event Decoration
  • Travel Advisory
  • Radio Cabs / Rent a Cars
  • Photography & Movie Makers
  • Cargo Handling / Freight Forwarders
  • Advertising & Sales Promotion
  • Printing
  • Stationary
  • Content Writing
  • Web page development

Lahore International Expo Centre Route to Lahore

  • PIA
  • Air Blue
    Air Blue
  • Shaheen Air
    Shaheen Air
  • Gulf Air
    Gulf Air
  • British Airways
    British Airways
  • Emirates
  • Etihad Airways
    Etihad Airways
  • Oman Air
    Oman Air
  • Saudi Airlines
    Saudi Airlines
  • Thai Airways
    Thai Airways
  • Qatar Airways
    Qatar Airways
  • Turkish Airlines
    Turkish Airlines
  • Kuwait Airways
    Kuwait Airways
  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines
    Biman Bangladesh Airlines
  • Malaysia Airlines

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Official Website: Lahore International Expo Centre

Founded: 2007

Lahore International Expo Centre
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