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PIMSAT Lahore Admission

Important Admission Date for BS Telecommunication, BSCS, B.Tech and BS(Hons) Technology in Electrical, Civil, Chemical & Mechanical, BIT, MS Telecommunication, MCS, MIT, MSc Psychology, Accounting/Finance/Marketing, MBA/BBA Professional/Accounting/Finance, BBA(Hons) Morning/Evening/Weekend, MBA(Morning/Evening/Weekend) in Banking & Finance, Management, HRM, Accounting/Finance, Marketing/Information Technology

Admission Open


  • BS
  • BBA
  •  BS IT
  • MBA
  • MS IT

PIMSAT Lahore Admission:

Restriction for the Students:

  • To disseminate everything repugnant to Islam within or around the premises of the institution.
  • To do or say anything which is versus the prestige and dignity of Pakistan.
  • Teachers and his/her Alma matter.
  • To smoking in the lecture theaters, Library, Laboratory & Examination Hall to relate with any body offering cast distinction and inciting linguistic/regional feelings.
  • To coordinate or hold any function in the institution with out authorization of the authority.
  • Stage walk out, strike or any form of agitation.
  • Indulge in immoral activities.
  • To use indecent language.
  • To put on an immodest dress.
  • To create indecent jokes, remarks, gestures.
  • To lead to disturbance to others.
  • To interrupt the peace and tranquility of the institution.
  • To continue or take weapons narcotics or subversive literature.
  • Disciplinary action shall be taken towards the defaulter under the guidelines and rules after a comprehensive show in one or additional of the subsequent forms relating to the gravity of the offence.
  • Fine
  • Keeping on probation.
  • Suspension from the rolls of the Institute.
  • Rustication and expulsion.

Contact Us:

Lahore Campus:PIMSAT Lahore

  • 4-A New Muslim Town Lahore, 54000.
  • Phone: +92-42-5883721,5888724, 5884237.
  • Fax: +92-42-5888716.
  • Email:

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