Introduction, Punjab Medical College Admission 2017:

Punjab Medical College is positioned in Faisalabad. Faisalabad is the 3 rd largest city of Pakistan and is regarded for its textile industry, in reality recognized as the Manchester of Pakistan. Every year Punjab Medical College Admission announces through University of Health Sciences.

Punjab Medical College is one of the medical colleges of the Government of Punjab. Punjab Medical College was founded in 1973-74, and is propagate over on area of 158 acres. Punjab Medical College section has a gorgeous campus and hostels for boys and girls.

Punjab Medical College Admission

Important Admission Date for MBBS and BDS 2014-15

  • Admission Start from 04th Aug
  • Last Date of Form Submission 09 Aug
  • Issuance of Admit Card is 11 to 16 Aug 2014
  • Entry Test should be held on 31 Aug
  • Registration for Hafiza Quran 11 Sep to 13 Sep
  • Test of Hafiz Quran is from 15 Sep to 20 Sep
  • Issuance of Admission Card and Date of Admission Card is 23 Sep to 02 Octo from 9 am to 2 pm
  • Medical Board for Special Applicants 13 Octo to 16 Octo
  • Display of 1st Merit list for MBBS 30 Octo
  • Beginning of Classes in medical colleges 17 Nov
  • Display of first merit list BDS 10 Dec
  • Beginning of classes in Dental Colleges 22 Dec

Punjab Medical College Admission Departments:

There are 8 standard departments in the PMC i. e. Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Behavioral Sciences, Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine, Pathology, and Community Medicine. Each department has distinct making where they educate the students of PMC.

Each and every department has its own lecture hall where lectures are presented to the students. All the essential departments are full filling the wants of Medical students. They have their tutorial rooms, museums, and practical labs.

Department of Pathology:

Immediately after the beginning of PMC  in 1973, pathology department was organized in 1975 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Ch. (late) at the old campus. The Department was altered to the new campus in 1982. The department has the recognition of hosting 2 national pathology conferences in 1982 & 1997, respectively. Delegates from all over the country actively took part in the procedures of the conferences. At current Prof. Dr. Janbaz Ahmed is head of the department.

Pathology department is definitely involved yourself in teaching 3rd & 4th-year classes, with modern audio-visual aids. This year, 1st top 2 positions in a 3rd professional exam and 2nd position in a 2nd professional exam (UHS) are reached by our students.

Department of Dermatology:

In 1983, Dr. Muhammad Azam Bokhari commenced Dermatology at PMC  in a small room as only a limited OPD service. With his unremitting attempts, constant hard work, and unrestricted counselling of the colleagues/seniors, the Department is now a well-organized unit containing 30 bedded in-patients facility at DHQ, Hospital and ever-busy OPDs at DHQ and Allied Hospitals where more than 200 patients are seen regular.

Besides the routine consultation services, the Department of Dermatology is offering state-of-the-art products in skin care such as electro-surgery, cryotherapy, patch testing, mycology, derma to histopathology, phototherapy, and dermasurgery. Latest products like IPL and RF are also available. The unit is actively involved in academic and research activities and has many local/international publications to its credit. It hosted the 2 Foreign Conferences of Dermatology and the coming 27th International Conference of Pakistan Association of Dermatologists is also going to be structured by this department in 2010.

Department of Anesthesia:

The Department of Anaesthesia & Intensive Care, PMC, aspires at offering high standards of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at the 2 affixed hospitals, Allied Hospital, and DHQ Hospital Faisalabad.

Moreover to the 2 faculty members, the Anaesthesia Department at Allied Hospital is staffed by 6 Specialists, eighteen MOs and 7 House-Officers. The Department at DHQ Hospital consists one Specialist, eleven MOs and 2 House-Officers. There are 19 Postgraduate Trainee Registrars at present registered in the Postgraduate Training Program for FCPS/MCPS.

The Anaesthesia & Intensive Care Department, PMC Faisalabad was organized in 1987 with Professor Dr. Manzoor Ahmed Chaudhary as the first Head.

Department of Chest Diseases:

In 1983, Dr. Muhammad Azam Bokhari commenced Dermatology at PMC in a small room as only a restrained OPD service. With his unremitting efforts, constant hard work, and amazing assistance of the colleagues/seniors, the Department is now a well-organized unit consisting of 30 bedded in-patients facility at DHQ, Hospital and ever-busy OPDs at DHQ and Allied Hospitals where more than 200 patients are seen daily.

Department of Radiology:

Radiology Department of Allied Hospital, Punjab Medical College Admission, Faisalabad, commenced working 1986 coupled with the Allied Hospital and Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad.

Radiology Department of any hospital is the back bone of the institution. Skilled Dallas pest control of radio diagnostic procedures is growing many folds day by day, because of development in the flew of Radiology equipment and technology.

Department of Oncology:

Department of clinical Oncology Punjab Medical College admission section was organized in 1996. This Department carters the require of cancer patients from Faisalabad and Sargodha divisions and of Lahore Division. Department has got the capability of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and palliative care. This is 60 bedded in door unit and 12 bedded day care unit workload of the department has elevated enormously since its commencing in 1996.

The improve in a number of patients yearly in 1996 and in 2006 is OPO (1027 to 10812) indoor (133 to 4057) Tumor Registration (260 to 1202) Radiotherapy (2119 to 11664). Chemotherapy of new products i. e. New Cobalt 60 Teletherapy unit, simulator and medication Planning system worth Rs. 60 million given by Govt. of the Punjab. Now building for the apparatus has been made by Philanthropist costing Rs. 7 million.

Department of Plastic surgery:

The Department of Plastic Surgery and Burn Commenced Performance at its existing location in Allied Hospital, Faisalabad in June 1999.

Out of total 30 beds, 12 are allotted to Burn Patients and 18 are appropriated for Plastic Surgery Patients. The department is Headed by Assistant Professor Dr. Zahid Mehmood Nagra.

The other Staff comprises of 2 Senior surgeons, one Admin Registrar and 4 House Surgeons.

Several of advancements have been made in the unit with the help the residents of Faisalabad. Including Air conditioning of the infirmary and was an area for burn patients. The development and installation of all the apparatus for a separate Plastic Surgery Operation theatre Complex.

Department of Nephrology:

Kidney Diseases are on the rise and consequently on top concern the Government. To manage these patients in an improved way, the Nephrology and the Urology sections were amalgamated and organized under one roof.

Nephrology unit is accepted for FCPS education by the college of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. OPD is carried out twofold weekly and around 3500 patients are seen annually.

Nephrology unit has its own Dialysis heart with the conveniences of distinguishing dialysis machines for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Dialysis center of Nephrology Unit is the best in the whole city. About 3000 dialyses are done every year

Punjab Medical College Admission for Foreign Student:

There are many foreign students in college who are completing their MBBS degree. These foreign students belong to different parts of world.

Foreign Students seats:

  • Under Technical Assistance Programme: The candidates searching for admission to a medical college should distribute their applications through their own government /embassies to the Government of Pakistan (Economic Affairs Division, Islamabad). The nominations towards these seats, shall be communicated to the Health Department, Government of the Punjab, by Economic Affairs Division, Islamabad, for onwards transmission to the institute involved. Applications posted directly to the Principal or to the Government of Punjab, shall not be interested.
  • Afghan Refugee Students seats:

Applicants of this category will apply to the Ministry of State and Frontier Locations Division (SAFRON) through their respected Commission rates.

Foreign Students seats on Self-Finance Basis:

The candidates searching for admission on self-finance basis will be recommended to bring about to the college endowment fund in accessory to the normal fee. This factor will be US $ 10, 000 per annum for the colleges positioned in Lahore, US$ 7000/- per annum for the institute positioned in Multan and Rawalpindi and US$ 5000 per annum for the institute positioned in Bahawalpur and Faisalabad. On the other hand, such students will employ to the Economic Affairs Division, Government of Pakistan Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs division, Islamabad.

The nominations against these seats, shall be communicated to the Health Department, Government of the Punjab, by Economic Affairs Division, Islamabad, for onward tranny to the institute involved. For the 1st year the students will pay through pay order and he/she will have to submit a bank assure for the remaining 4 years equivalent to the amount applicable in his/her case in the brand of the Principal of the respected Punjab Medical College . In case a student repeats any class at his/her own accord or fails in the exam, he/she will have to pay the same amount as described above for each extra year. Students discontinuing their studies at their own or expelled from the institute will not be credited the remaining amount which would be acknowledged to the institute matching to the bank guarantee.

Note I:

Students admitted against self finance seats shall stay in the same category.


The nominations by the various governments/authorities against reserved seats shall reach the Principal of the Punjab Medical College  concerned not later than the start of the session and the students shall be directed to report to the Punjab Medical College  in the beginning of the session on a date to be announced by the concerned Punjab Medical College .

Note III:

Admission will be closed after a lapse of a period of three months from the start of first year MBBS classes.

Note IV:

Application forms for admission of candidates from foreign countries, shall be submitted along with attested copies of certificates:

  • Certificate of having passed Intermediate Examination (pre-medical) with national language, Physics, Chemistry (Including Organic Chemistry) Biology and English as subject of the examination or an examination considered equivalent to the Intermediate (pre-medical) examination by the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), Islamabad.
  • In case of the foreign students a certificate to the effect that the candidate can read, write and speak English fluently enough to be able to benefit from the theoretical and practical classes should be obtained from the Government or Ambassador or other competent authority of the country concerned or from the Pakistan Embassy in that country.

Punjab Medical College Admission Eligibility Criteria

Applicants of Punjab Domicile, Federal Capital area, AJ & K, and Northern areas utilizing for admission to the First Year MBBS against open merit/Reserved seats (except those nominated by Economic Affair Division, Islamabad) are necessary to pass the Entry Test with a minimum score of 60% otherwise they will not be eligible for admission. The Entry Test will be good for the same session only.

Punjab Medical College Admission Fee Structure:

  •  All Students with the exception of the newly admitted students must pay fee by the was involved with fixed by the college  professionals.
  • If the fee is not paid out within due dates, defaulting students’ names will be minted off the college fee and other dues.
  • Recently selected students must pay their fee within the notified interval. Student’s name will not be came into in the work registers unless he/she has paid the fee. Nonetheless, the Principal may relax this affliction in very exclusive cases.
  • Fees and subscriptions will be established by the Government from hour and hour. The current rates of fees are presented under: -.

1st Year

  • Admission Fee                              200.00
  • Tuition Fee                                9522.00
  • Dissection Fee                               50.00
  • Fee for Practical Histology               50.00
  • Fee for Practical Physiology              50.00
  • Fee for practical Biochemistry           50.00
  • Rent for Microscope                        50.00
  • Subscription to students fund           50.00
  • Subscription to Sports club              50.00
  • Caution money for breakage             25.00
  • Punjab Medical College Security                             25.00
  • (refundable on leaving the college)
  • Special University Fee                     10.00
  • Registration Fee Medical & Dental      10.00
  • Council of Pakistan
  • Benevolent Fund                              5.00
  • University Registration Fee            1350.00
  • Class Examination Fee                      50.00
  • Mosque fund (for Muslims only)        120.00
  • Total:                                                    11757.00

2nd Year:

  • Tuition Fee                                 9522.00
  • Dissection Fee                                50.00
  • Fee for Experimental Physiology         50.00
  • Fee for Practical Biochemistry.           50.00
  • Rent for Microscope                         50.00
  • Subscription to student room & Union  50.00
  • Subscription to Athletic Club              50.00
  • Special University Fee                      10.00
  • Class Examination Fee                      50.00
  • Benevolent Fund                               5.00
  • Mosque fund (for Muslims only)         120.00
  • Total                                                       10007.00

3rd Year

  • Tuition Fee                                  9522.00
  • Fee for Morbid Histology                    50.00
  • Fee for Bacteriology                          50.00
  • Fee for Haemotology and Parasitology  50.00
  • Rent for Microscope                          50.00
  • Fee for Practical Pharmacology           50.00
  • Fee for Hospital Practice                  100.00
  • Hospital Security                              50
  • Subscription to Students room &Union  50
  • Subscription to Athletic club               50
  • Special University Fee                       10
  • Benevolent Fund                                5
  • Class Examination Fee                       50
  • Mosque Fund (Muslims Only)             120
  • Total                                                      10207

4th Year

  • Tuition Fee                                   9522
  • Fee for Hospital Practice                   100
  • Rent for Microscope                           50
  • Subscription to Students room &Union  50
  • Subscription to Athletic Club               50
  • Special University Fee                        10
  • Clinical Card                                     50
  • Class Examination Fee                        50
  • Benevolent Fund                                 5
  • Mosque Fund (For Muslims only)         120
  • Total                                                       10007

5th Year

  • Tuition Fee                                   9522
  • Fee for Hospital Practice                   100
  • Rent for Microscope                           50.
  • Subscription to Students room & Union  50
  • Subscription to Athletic Club               50
  • Special University Fee                        10
  • Clinical Card                                     50
  • Maternity Duty                                100
  • Class Examination Fee                        50
  • Benevolent Fund                                 5
  • Mosque Fund (For Muslims only)         120
  • Total                                                      10107


The Punjab Medical College Admission fees would automatically be increased every year at least 15%.
Note II:- Students taking part in various sports clubs will pay additional subscription as fixed by the clubs.


If the security deposited is not claimed within 3 years of leaving the Punjab Medical College, the amount shall be credited to the Benevolent Fund.


In addition to the fee prescribed above, an admission fee of Rs. 200/- per head will be charged from new entrants to the first year and from all migrated or readmitted students.

Punjab Medical College Admission Entry Test Result/ Merit List 2017:

Merit List of MBBS 2014

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