Quaid-i-Azam University Lahore

Faculty of Medicine (Following Institutes in Islamabad are affiliated with this faculty):

  • Al-Shifa Eye Trust Hospital Rawalpindi
  • Armed Forces Medical College, Rawalpindi
  • Health Services Academy, Islamabad
  • Quaid e Azam Postgraduate Medical College (QPGMC), PIMS
  • Shifa College of Medicine, Islamabad
  • FGSH Postgraduate Medical Istitute, Islamabad

The allocation of marks for finding out merit is as comes after: –

  • Academic Record 55 marks
  • Admission Test 35 marks
  • Interview 10 marks

Distribution of marks allocated for the academic record are as under:-

  • Applications on the prescribed by doctors forms are asked for admission to the M. Phil programme of the Quaid-i-Azam University Lahore in the subsequent subjects: -Written tests will be held in the individual Department/Institute/Centre matching to the schedule publicised. (e) The admission to M. Phil is authorised by the Advanced Studies and Research Board after a applicant has competent in a written test and interview and endorsed by the Selection Committee of the department/institute/centre involved.
  •  The Selection Committee for each department/institute/centre shall be constituted by the Vice-Chancellor in appointment with the chairman/ director of the department, institute/center concerned.
  •  A student may convert Ph. D. candidature to M. Phil subject to the subsequent circumstances:
  • which the student requiring for transformation does not maintain an M. Phil degree.
  •  which the student has acceptable efficiency in the Ph. D. course work.
  •  which the conversion process is recommended by the Departmental Admission Committee and is routed through the Dean.

Faculty of Biological Sciences:

  • M. Sc. degree or its comparative in any field of Biological Sciences from a accepted Lahore Campus.
  • Applicants holding BS/B. Sc. Hons. (4 years), MBBS/DVM/B. Pharmacy/Agriculture 4 years with 1st Division may apply.
  • The M. Phil Biological Sciences programme provides the subsequent specializations: -
  • The M. Phil Natural Sciences programme gives the subsequent specialization. Lahore Campus Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Faculty of Social Sciences

The M.Phil Social Sciences programme offers the following specializations

Institutes/Centers Degrees Offered

National Institute of Historical and Cultural Exploration, Islamabad. ResearchCore of Superiority in Gender Studies MscChair on Quaid-i-Azam & Freedom Movement, University. ResearchNational Defence College, Islamabad MSc (DSS) & MSc (War Studies)

  • National Institute of Psychology, QAU MSc, MPhil & PhD in Psychology
  • National Institute of Pakistan Studies, QAU, Islamabad MSc, MPhil & PhD in Pakistan studies
  • Computer Centre PGD, Short Term Courses
  • Area Study Center for Africa, North & South America PGD, Short Term Program

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