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Vels University Chennai was founded in 1992 with the purpose of adjusting an specific into a finished man with personality and potential determined to national support and advancement.


  • School of Computing Sciences
  • School of Management Studies
  • School of Physiotherapy
  • School of Hotel Management
  • School of Life Sciences

Admissions Open for 2014

Rules and Regulation for Admission

  • Students should not depart the Vels University Chennai premises during class hours without authored authorization of the HOD / Competent authority.
  • Students should be opportune in joining classes and alternative co-curricular and additional-curricular actions. Late comers will not be permitted in the classes.
  • Students will be accountable for all products commissioned to them. Students should not cause any destruction to any property, equipment, equipments, tools etc., of the Vels University Chennai. An sum of Rs. 150 towards General preservation, is payable by each Student at the end of the Academics Year, prior to Exams. In event of any destruction, the precise cost will be retrieved from the student coupled with a fine.
  • Students should be mindful of their possessions while within the campus. The university will not be accountable for any deprivation of such possessions.
  • Make use of of Mobile phones, Pagers, Cameras, etc., are disallowed interior the campus, during College hours, from 10am to 4pm. If found in contravention, they will be confiscated.
  • Smoking cigarettes and usage of pan is disallowed inside the campus. Usage of any intoxicants or medicines are fully disallowed, and will steer to instant termination from the Vels University Chennai.
  • Weaponry must not be produced into, or kept, within the campus.
  • Students should present their Identity Card plainly, while they are inside the campus and while venturing in the university bus. The safety staff will not allow any student within the campus devoid of their identity card.
  • All Students should dress in a presentable manner. T-shirts and sleeveless dresses are not authorized. Jeans, of a outstanding nature simply, are authorized.
  • The administration reserves the appropriate to alter the class timings and schedule.
  • Students should not carry any meetings or acquire any money from other students not having proper agreement from the HOD.
  • Students should not need themselves in any political or religious action inside the Campus.
  • Ragging in any form is fully banished and is punishable as per the Government Order. If any student is observed to be involving in any kind of ragging or nuisance to juniors or alternative fellow students, interior or exterior the campus, bus, hostel, he/she will be terminated promptly from the Vels University Chennai, and offender action will be taken versus them as per the rules.

The subsequent acts of misconduct will result in instant dismissal from the Vels University Chennai:

  • Assault of any person.
  • Wilful damage to university property.
  • Intimidation, coercion and/or interference with other students.
  •  Misbehaviour with other students and/or Staff.
  • The selection of the Vice-Chancellor is last and presenting on all the students, in all matters relating to the Vels University Chennai.
  • Legitimate disputes, if any, are subject to the jurisdiction of Courts at Chennai.
  • All additional rules, legislation and suggestions approved by University / Government agencies will be executed.

General Romes

The protection plan on registration will be to assure that students from all parts of the country are acceptable to work with the Vels University Chennai so that the country’s attribute of the University is maintained in its correct sense.

Additional, to assure that adequate number of students from under-privileged and socially equipment pieces of society are accepted to the Vels University Chennai, a uniform All-India policy of reservation is accompanied. Admission is designed on the basis of merit and merit list is attracted in compliance with procedures of the Admission plan of the University.Vels University Chennai

The university aspires to be progressive in syllabi and in the courses and hence the version of curricula is constant and an on-going procedure. The version can be started by an specific faculty member hinging on the prerequisite and must be authorised by Board of Studies of the troubled School / Department.

The university practices a semester system. The undergraduate courses are for 6 semesters and postgraduate courses are for a normal time-span of 4 semesters apart from in event of MCA and any integrated postgraduate courses. Integrated courses will have 10/12 semesters. Each course is designated a distinct number of choice structured credits and the number of credits to be designated to a course are identified by the Board of syllabus of Schools on the suggestions of the department concerned.

The students have to earn minimal credits designated by the Board of syllabus to become entitled to get the degree. Students of all Post-graduate courses are to undergo a course in conversation abilities and shall undergo 4 to 6 weeks internship during the summer holiday of the I year (II Semester) and earn 2 credits. All the PG courses will have Project work in their finalized semester and students are to acquire the number of credits approved by the Board of Studies of individual Schools.

The system of analysis for every course shall be planted down by the Board of the School on the suggestions of the department troubled. Interior assessment (sessional work) shall carry the weightage of 25% and the staying weightage is for semester exams.

Contact Us

  • Velan Nagar
  • P.V. Vaithiyalingam Road
  • Pallavaram
  • Chennai – 600 117
  • Tamil Nadu, India
  • Phone: + 91 – 44 – 2266 2500 / 2501 / 2502 / 2503
  • Admission Helpline: + 91 – 44 – 3362 4444
  • Fax: + 91 – 44 – 2266 2513
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