Software engineering is a branch of applied academics that deals with the study of development and maintenance of software. It is considered as the youngest branch of engineering and was started from the year 1940. It is further subdivided into different fields like software quality, computer aided development, software construction and it’s maintenance.

In Pakistan there are many universities that are offering degrees in the respective field. These universities are recognized by the higher education commission of Pakistan and also by the Pakistan engineering council. PEC is the council that has authority to recognize all engineering programs.

How To Become A Successful Software Engineer

In Lahore there are a large number of universities that are offering various study programs including software development, business management and humanities. Given is the list of top 10 universities that are offering degrees in mentioned field in Lahore.

 Q: Which University Is Best For Software Engineering In Lahore?

Rank Universities Founded Type
1 LUMS University 1984 Private
2 FAST NUCES Lahore Campus 2000 Private
3 PUCIT Lahore 2000 Public
4 UET Lahore 1921 Public
5 Comsats Lahore 1998 Public
6 UMT LAHORE 1990 Private
7 Superior University Lahore 2000 Private
8 GC university Lahore 1864 Public
9 Leads University Lahore 2011 Private
10 Imperial University Lahore 1991


LUMS University, Lahore Is Best For Software Engineering In Lahore

Study Degree of Software Engineering in LUMS

Study Degree of Software Engineering In LUMS

Lahore University of Management and sciences is considered as the number university of Lahore offering degree in the field of software engineering. LUMS consists of four different schools. The department of computer science was established in 1994. From that time the university has made his name in the field of computer science. The department was renamed in the year 2008 as Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering

Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering:

Syed Babar Ali School of engineering was initiated by this name in the year 2008. School is accredited from both higher education commission (HEC) and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). The school is offering degrees at bachelors, masters and PhD levels. The university has also many research groups related to the development, in which students of UG as well as PG levels are participating in research of Software development.

Degrees offered in School:

The university is offering degrees in the field of computer at graduate and post graduate levels. Following degrees are offered in the field of computer engineering and development

  • BS
  • MS
  • PhD

BS is at bachelors level study program offered at the institute. This is a 4 year study program. The admission requirement for this program is the candidate must have passed the intermediate or equivalent standard. Software development research lab is a group at the university that has individuals that are researching and exploring the new horizons in the field of software and its related areas. The main areas of  software research in the mentioned group are

  • Quality
  • Autonomic Computing
  • E-Government Architectures
  • Code Clone Detection
  • Self-Managing Systems
  • Soft Computing
  • Reusing

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